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Automotive Jobs >> Automotive Articles >> Automotive Career Feature >> Job Description for an Auto Service Consultant
  • Automotive Career Feature

Job Description for an Auto Service Consultant

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Auto service consultants are the face of any auto repair shop - they're the first person many customers see. That means that it's extremely important for them to be personal and invested in customer satisfaction. Also called service advisors or service consultants, these people have an important job. Just like manager jobs, marketing jobs, and jobs in sales, people in auto service consultant positions need to be able to relate to people and help them get what they need. They also need to have a good understanding of vehicles and their problems, so they can estimate what needs to be done and take down information about a vehicle. Let's take a look at everything you'll need to do if you'd like to become an auto service consultant. It may take some special skills, but it's a rewarding job that's worth it in the long run.

1. Greeting customers

The first step in any interaction for an auto service consultant will be welcoming customers to the shop. Then, they'll need to ask customers questions about their car and its problems. Usually, a verbal description of what's going on will help the consultant understand what's wrong. However, the final diagnosis will be made by the repair technician, not by the service consultant.

2. Doing the write up

Once the problems have been described, the consultant needs to take down customer information. The write up will require contact and personal information about the vehicle owner, and the VIN and other important data about the car or truck being serviced. Then the problems will be listed. They might be as simple as "check engine light on" or more complex. It's important for people in auto service consultant jobs to remember that they just document the facts - they don't interpret them. Even if you're pretty sure you know what's wrong, remember that you can't tell the customer for certain. That keeps the shop from having to deal with unhappy customers.

3. Assign a technician

Once the car is checked in and the write up is complete, the service consultant will find out who's free to work on the vehicle. Then a technician will be assigned to find out what's wrong and fix the problem. Most shops simply go by availability, and assign work via rotation. This keeps work distribution fair. The only time it's appropriate to pick out just one particular technician is when you know that he or she is especially good at dealing with the issue. The consultant may talk to the technician about what's wrong with the car and what the suspected problem is. The technician will diagnose the vehicle and let the consultant know what's wrong and what needs to be done on the car.

4. Sell repairs

Once the auto service consultant knows what's wrong, he or she will prepare an estimate for the cost of the work that needs done and get in touch with the customer. It's important to explain all work that needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and what it will cost. It's the consultant's job to convince the customer to get necessary work done at the shop. Customers often attempt to delay repairs because of the cost, and it's important for the consultant to explain which repairs are actually urgent.

5. Closing

Once the repairs have been made, the consultant again contacts the owner for payment and vehicle pickup. The consultant will do his or her best to make sure the customer is happy with the service. He or she will also let the customer know if any maintenance is due in the future.

6. Other duties

An auto service consultant also acts as a receptionist, answering phones and greeting people as they enter the office, and may be called upon to tidy that area and keep it organized. He or she might also take messages for other people in the shop and do other light duties as needed. This can be a fun and worthwhile position for anyone who loves customer service and cars. Take the time to find out if this kind of job might be the right one for you!

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